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Here you can find a short presentation of our parking city and Lazarus Von Schwendi, the company bear his name.

Ingersheim - Our Headquarters

Ingersheim is situated in Haut-Rhin department, just at the west side of Colmar. With 4,700 inhabitants it's the most crowded city in the Kaysersberg's canton. Man settled very early at the place of this city and it's romans who firstly made the region prosper with the viticulture. At middle age many convents owned their vine. Becoming Habsbourg territory, the village joined the Hohlandsbourg Lordship. Lazarus Von Schwendi acquired it in 1563, the place is then surrounded by ramparts with four fortified gates.
After being attached to France in 1648, the city will be included in Colmar until La Révolution Française in 1789.
With industry development in late XIXth century, the city's population has continued to grow, despite two world wars that ravaged the city.

Ingersheim is now twinned with Ingersheim in Germany and Mauriac in Auvergne.
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Lazarus Von Schwendi

Lazarus Von Schwendi, born in 1522, was a diplomat and a general of Holy Roman Emperors Charles V and Maximilian II

After studying in Strasbourg and Basel, he entered the service of Charles V in 1546. He distinguished himself on the battlefield and diplomacy in Belgium, Lorraine, Alsace but also in Hungary where he stormed the Fortress of Tokaj. This call to arms worth him the legend according to he had imported the wine know-how of this hungarian region to Alsace to create the famous alsacian wine Tokay.

When he reduces militars and diplomacy activities, he devoted himself to his numerous areas that he had acquired on both sides of the Rhine, especially in the area of Colmar, paticularly in the town of Ingersheim. He passed away in 1583 in Kirchhoffen and buried in Kientzheim church just 6 km away from Ingersheim.

The famous sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, born in Colmar and who created the Statue of Liberty in New York, made a statue of Lazarus Von Schwendi brandishing a plant vines. This statue overlooks the fountain in Ancienne Douane Square in Colmar. The city of Ingersheim doesn't forget Lazarus Von Schwendi, her high school and a road bear his name.

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