Long distance trip - Taxi Schwendi - In the Centre of Alsace

Taxi Schwendi also provides long distance trip. When collective means of transport don't meet your needs. For personnal trip or business one, Taxi Schwendi provide services to go farther away, always with respect of your comfort and your time constraint i.e.

Crossing a part of the country

Holidays in Alsace? A plant of your firm to visit in Alsace? Mariage of the youngest one in Alsace?
Sometimes it is not possible to use train or plane, too many switches and unsuitable time schedule or simply you need more comfort. Whatever the situation we can study and operate your trip. We will take into account your needs, break times, meals on the road or visiting a family member during the trip ... everything can be imagine.

Different pricing

Taxi Schwendi, for long distance trip, will submit the fare quotation including all costs incurred such as tolls and accommodation, meals of the driver.

Example of trip... non exhaustive list:

  • London to Alsace
  • Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to Alsace
  • Alsace to Lyon
  • Alsace to Avignon
  • Alsace to Amsterdam
  • Alsace to Munich ...
And all other trip you need ...

some recommendations

A long distance trip needs more preparation, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible to enable the effective study of your request and to answer in the better conditions.
To ensure your comfort along the entire route, on those long distance trip the number of passengers is limited to 3 people.
After you request, we will send to you a proposal containing all elements of your trip and its price. So you'll know what is included (or not) in our price.

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